third quarter 2019

Progress Report – Third Quarter 2019 and Fourth Quarter 2019

The third quarter 2019 and fourth quarter 2019 were decent for posting older Star Trek fan fiction as creativity continues into the next decade!

Progress Report – Third and Fourth Quarter 2019

How excellent were the third quarter 2019 and the fourth quarter 2019 for Star Trek fan fiction?

Posted Works

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First of all, on Wattpad, I posted Reflections Down a Corridor. I also posted Entanglements and The Three of Us. So currently I am not posting anywhere else. So as you can see, this report is kind of sparse.


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WIP Corner

Nothing! Everything is basically ready. So I’m probably never going to complete These Are the Destinations. And Paradox depends on a co-writer for me to write it. So that is hit or miss. Plus, I will be the first person to admit, it feels … weird.

So what that also means is that this blog may very well be coming to its logical conclusion. After all, once the last of the E2 stories shows up in Wattpad, unless I put something on Ad Astra, then there will be no news. So that’s pretty wacky, eh?

But then there’s the Barnstorming series. Perhaps that one will see the light of day on Ad Astra?

I Hate this New Editor with a Passion

So seriously, it’s awful. I never, ever asked for this. It’s like writing for two-year-olds. So if I could go back, I would be a lot happier. Do you hear that, WordPress? Your new editor SUCKS! Yeah, I really and truly mean that.

Prep Work

Once again, nothing! So unless something changes rather drastically, I am done. And as I said above, yeah. It is kind of strange. So be it.

This Month’s Productivity Killers

Work, but that is something which anyone should expect. Because I am done with writing Star Trek fan fiction anyway, the truth is, it kind of does not matter any more.

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