Steven Culp as Martin Madden (image is for educational purposes only) Fourth Quarter 2018

Progress Report – Fourth Quarter 2018

More fan fiction, but it's winding down.

Progress Report – Fourth Quarter 2018

Fourth quarter 2018 was a productive time for me to not so much write as to wrap things up. So I will explain below. But know that one major story which was hanging over my head has, fortunately, come to its conclusion. Yay!

Posted Works

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First of all, on Wattpad, I posted Play and Time Out, and then started Overtime.

And on, I finished posting Play and Time Out, and then started Overtime.

Finally, on the G & T Show forums, I posted absolutely nothing. There is nothing there any more!


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WIP Corner

At this point in time, I am completely finished with writing Star Trek fan fiction and it is entirely possible that I will never take it up again. Never say never, of course. But right now, I have no plans to tell those stories in someone else’s universe.

Instead, my stories will all be coming directly from my own universes.

Prep Work

I worked on and finally completed Overtime! At this point in time, the only two incomplete drafts are Paradox and These Are the Destinations. In addition, I also was in an anthology about Douglas Adams (42 and Beyond) and it ranked very, very high on Amazon! So that gave me a major mental boost, just when I needed one.

This Quarter’s Productivity Killers

The main things that kept me from writing, understandably, were work and NaNoWriMo, mainly. I honestly expect that to be the case from now, until further notice. Writing Star Trek fan fiction has been an incredible experience for me. It brought me a lot of joy, I made friends, and I got better at writing. And, incredibly enough, I have actually made money on writing!

I am a published author, and I can draw a direct line between the first story, More, More, More! through Reversal to  A Long, Long Time Ago to The Three of Us and Everybody Knows This is Nowhere and then to, finally, Overtime. And from there, the line goes to Untrustworthy, The Obolonks Trilogy, The Enigman Cave, The Real Hub of the Universe Trilogy, Mettle, and more.

The sky’s the limit.

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