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Portraits of Characters – The Saviors of the Vulcan Race

Portraits of Characters – The Saviors of the Vulcan Race

Julie Parker, one of the saviors of the Vulcan Race

Julie Parker, one of the saviors of the Vulcan Race (image of Halle Berry is provided for educational purposes only)

The Vulcan Race is saved by a lot of people. Because I have already covered Jack Shaw, Julie Parker, and Theo Carter, I won’t go into them again. Eriecho and her kind have other benefactors.



  • First of all, Bruce Kimura – I see Ninomiya Kazunari as him, to dovetail with both Takashi Kimura (Hoshi‘s canon husband) and Bruce Ishikawa, Deirdre Katzman‘s boyfriend and eventual husband.
  • Takara Kimura – I see Zhang Ziyi as her, to dovetail with Takara Sato Masterson, but also Marie Helêne Archer from the E2 timeline, Takara Kimura (Hoshi and Takashi’s daughter), and the cloned women, Trea Hoshi, Trea Aqili, and Trea Mirana.
  • In addition, Angela Righetti – I see Elisabetta Canalis as her, thereby dovetailing with Gina Righetti Nolan, who is her descendant.
  • Leah Robinson – I see Mayim Bialik as her, to dovetail with Leah Benson and World War III soldier Phyllis Benson.

Also mentioned in the series:

  • T’Moona does not have an associated actress as she is only mentioned and never seen. I use this name (which means ‘picture’ in Hebrew) for Sybok‘s mother.
  • Finally, Vir’ajen – I see Colin Ford as this young Suliban boy.


Bruce Kimura, Takara Kimura, Angela Righetti, and Leah Robinson mainly work as big-hearted volunteers. With the Vulcan race near extinction, they volunteer their homes and bodies. This task would be difficult even under the best of circumstances, but teaching a child to not really have emotions when the adoptive parents do? That would be an uphill climb.

Furthermore, with Bruce and Takara raising Ambassador Sarek‘s son, Selek (a shout-out to the Animated Series), they would have to take even greater care. Their second child (for they are doing this twice) turns out to rather conveniently be Sollastek‘s. As for Leah, she’s carrying Eriecho‘s child.


The only marriage is Bruce and Takara Kimura. Angela Righetti and Leah Robinson are both single.

Mirror Universe

Because these characters come from the Eriecho series (and, therefore, the Kelvin timeline), their development differs from the prime timeline. Does this mean they can’t have counterparts? Not necessarily, although the odds seem to diminish. After all, even counterparts within the prime timeline should be rare. Also, the Kelvin/Nero/Jellyfish kick back in time probably only happened on one side of the pond. Hence the possibility falls drastically.


  • Angela Righetti:  “I’m the only one in my area, but there are others on Proxima. We used to get together, yanno, tea and cake and complain about your swollen ankles, that kinda thing. We even had a baby shower for one girl. I forget what she really named her baby. But it wasn’t – isn’t – being used. I saw them not too long ago, and she called the kid Maureen.”
  • Takara Kimura: “It’s over a year. It’s worth it and I love Selek. But I wonder, you know, how is he gonna grow up? I mean, really? I mean, these kids are all supposed to have Vulcan names, but you know there are people who just give them a Vulcan name, but they’re called something else at home. And how the hell is this crowd gonna accept a Vulcan who’s used to being called Butch or Missy?”
  • Bruce Kimura: “And this is Selek. We came in from Lafa II. We’re on our second.”
  • Leah Robinson: “Well, they want to raise these kids as Vulcans. I guess I can’t really blame ‘em, except I don’t think anybody really thought it all through. I mean, in less than a decade, a few thousand kids will be separated from the only family they’ve ever known. It doesn’t seem right, as I think about it.”


To save an endangered species, a million things must happen, and that’s for non-sentient ones. But what about for a sentient species? And what about the fellowship of the Federation itself? I went with surrogate mothers and adoptive-style families because, to my mind, they made more sense than a lot of genetic engineering and artificial wombs. This also, of course, ended up as one of the drivers of Eriecho’s own story.

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