Spotlight on Medical Original Tech

Spotlight on Medical Original Tech

Medical Original Tech drives plots.

Medical Original Tech


Because technology drives Star Trek, a lot of perfectly acceptable medical technology already exists in canon. However, there is always room for more. Whenever a particular activity needs to accomplishing, that may require the creation and application of original medical technology.


Drug Therapies

From tricoulamine (a nerve gas fatal to humans which can make Klingons sleep, shown in Intolerance) to hyprolanine (used to treat depression during the E2 timeline), I tend to make up new medications when I need them. I do this, rather than rely on canon sources and ideas.


In the HG Wells series, Boris Yarin and Marisol Castillo perform a number of necessary surgeries. In these instances, they implant devices into the bodies of the time travelers. The surgical scenes ended up being rather limited in Ohio. However, these procedures require finesse which comes from both mechanical assistance and surgical knowhow. Marisol may be a trained assassin, but she is also a highly skilled surgeon.


In the E2 timeline, during the first kick back in time, Ethan Shapiro attempts suicide. As a result, he suffers from brain damage which I intended to mimic the effects of a stroke. Hence, once he awakens from his coma, Dr. Phlox has Ethan try to walk. Because Jay Hayes can whittle and carve, he fashions a wooden cane for Ethan out of wood from one of Botanist Shelby Pike’s Osage orange trees.


Medical technology can drive drama when it fails to work as expected or even when it works all too well. Or it can just work as intended sometimes. And developing it provides as many opportunities for creation as anything else does.

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