Portrait of a Character – Troy Scott

Portrait of a Character – Troy Scott

Troy Scott started off as a throwaway character for later. However, his back story came in useful.


The concept behind Troy Scott came about because I was looking for a character to be the handsome stand-in groom for He Stays a Stranger. However, I liked the idea of Troy, so he ended up showing up earlier, as both a news reporter and also as Tina April’s love interest after Rick Daniels.


Troy Scott is played by actor Matt Damon. I love this intelligent Boston-based actor.

Troy Scott

Matt Damon as Troy Scott (image is provided for educational purposes only).


Good-looking, smart, and a little stiff, Troy comes across as a decent way for Tina to, in her mind, get back at Rick Daniels for breaking her heart.


Tina April

In the prime timeline, when Rick calls Tina again after their breakup, she doesn’t like that. Hence, even though she and Troy don’t know each other too well, she invites Troy over to have him stay overnight. While this move is an impulsive one on her part, they do continue dating.

Eleanor Daniels

In an alternate timeline, Rick interrupts their wedding. I have nothing on their relationship other than the brief scene in the alternate timeline.

Mirror Universe

While there are no specific impediments to Troy existing in the Mirror, the later you go, the worse the odds get. As a viewer personality, he might end up considered to be a member of the artistic elite. And if he is, then he would get his pick of women, including attractive and intelligent companions such as Tina April (who might have a counterpart).


“I’m Troy Scott, here now the news. Riots broke out in Madrid when a wine shipment was inexplicably delayed. Witannen officials blamed the delay on the Klingon borer worm which has infested many vineyards on Kronos. New pesticides are being developed, but there is a bit of lead time required to determine whether they work. Citizens are instructed to limit their intake to no more than one liter per day and to share with their neighbors. There is a possibility that rationing is in our future.”


Because I have the deep future valuing intelligence over looks, Troy has fewer advantages than he would now. But don’t worry about him; he will be just fine.

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