Review – Appearances

Review – Appearances

Appearances matter.


First of all, the story came about as a means of getting into Captain Sarine’s universe and his characters.


Furthermore, written for Captain Sarine and taking place in his Redemption universe, Damien gets serious about Kalara. Because issues might arise when a human writer and a Klingon officer date and then, eventually, wed. Hence, the way I wrote the story, even our future characters might have some lingering issues with mixed and interspecies marriage. And while prejudice does not exactly rear its ugly head, such is an implied back drop to the story.

Because Star Trek has always addressed social issues head on, the story could have had a real impact. I could have dealt with humans’ history with Klingons or even John Frederick Paxton’s Terra Prime. Instead, the story ended up being far too short and shallow for that kind of intelligent and introspective treatment. More’s the pity, as that would have made this story so much better.

As a permitted dip into another’s universe, the execution could have improved. However, as I recall, my time was already stretching thin. Therefore, I did not do enough research on the characters and their backgrounds. And, unfortunately, that shows.

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The story is Rated K.


Because the story is so short, very little goes on. Hence the plot suffers from thinness. Furthermore, I did not know his characters that well. Hence both characters get rather sketchy and sparse treatments and the background ends up being minimal. Therefore, if I ever decided to revisit this universe and a story such as this one, it would be told with a lot more depth and a lot more obstacles for the lovers. While not every mixed relationship needs or attracts conflict, stories really do need it.

I count this one as a missed opportunity.

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