Portrait of a Character – Theo Carter

Portrait of a Character – Theo Carter

Theo Carter came about to give Eriecho a platonic human friend.

Theo Carter

Wesley Snipes as Theo Carter (image is provided for educational purposes only)


Because Eriecho is an ex-convict, I felt she would have trouble making female friends. Furthermore, she would potentially enjoy sports as a reminder of some of the few semi-positive aspects of her incarceration. Not that prison life was fun for her – far from it! Rather, it would have been the only thing she had ever known. Hence sports would be familiar.


Theo Carter is played by actor Wesley Snipes. I like this intelligent action hero type of actor.


Athletic, loyal, and military in bearing, Theo is a soldier who could use a friend. He and Eriecho become cordial. I haven’t quite figured out who was cordial first, however. Although at this point in time, it hardly matters.


Theo has no known relationships.

Mirror Universe

Because I am not convinced Nero would have gone back in time and the planet Vulcan would have been destroyed twice, I do not believe anyone in the Kelvin timeline can exist in the Mirror Universe.


“They’ll want guest rooms, too. She’s going to want to have her father over, that sort of thing. Maybe even the surrogates and the kids when they come. Who knows? If it were us, it would just be complicated, but not horrible. For them, though, I bet it’s mortifying, if they think about it too much, and look at it too closely.”


I like Theo, and I particularly liked the idea of a human and Vulcan having a platonic relationship that would not quite work in canon because they would act differently.

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