Portrait of a Character – Telatharia

Portrait of a Character – Telatharia


Telatharia was created in response to a prompt for ‘Andorian Week’.



Suzie Plakson as Telatharia (image is for educational purposes only)

Telatharia is played by actress Suzie Plakson.

This character actress is well-respected in Star Trek circles and has played a multitude of characters of different species. Furthermore, I really liked this character although I had originally pictured the character a lot younger than this.


Resourceful and highly intelligent, the character gets out of a sticky situation and solves a problem during Recruitment. Because she smartly figures out (more or less) where she is, the Section decides to give her a chance.

Furthermore, her quote (below) ties her story line to the E2 timeline and the destruction of Duluth, and Lagos and Bogotá connections circle her back to the rest of the Wells series and even to Multiverse II.


Telatharia has no known relationships.

Mirror Universe

Mirror Telatharia

Mirror Telatharia

There are no impediments to Telatharia existing in the Mirror Universe. However, the later you get in the timeline, the more difficult the odds become. Because only humans have the Y Chromosome Skew, she is not necessarily subject to oppression.


“Yes, the fact that there was rebar told me that it was later than Hiroshima but earlier than Beijing. It had to be the Third World War. It seemed too chilly for Lagos or Bogotá. After that, I didn’t know the names of a lot of destroyed cities from Earth. I guessed there were too many tall buildings for Teheran and then I just went with the only other name I knew. I guessed that you wanted to make the problem difficult but not impossible.”


While the character is of interest, I really intended  for her to be a one-off, and that shows. However, aside from some of the Daniel Beauchaine story line, I really haven’t shown the deep future of Section 31. Maybe she can return then, if I decide to pursue that idea.

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