Portrait of a Character – Makan Sinthasomphone

Portrait of a Character – Makan Sinthasomphone


Makan Sinthasomphone was created pretty quickly as a means to an end. This character was brought to the fore in order to be able to fix and engineer Robert Lennox’s return in Concord (and, at the same time, return Malcolm Reed to the correct place and time period). Furthermore, I needed to give Monisha Padir someone to talk to. She would have to bounce her ideas off someone or other. After all, she’s not an engineer; she’s a historian.


Makan Sinthasomphone
Ananda Everingham as Makan Sinthasomphone (image is provided for educational purposes only)

Makan Sinthasomphone is played by actor Ananda Everingham.

As is the case with the rest of my Star Trek fan fiction, I like to try to match the actor’s ethnic origins to the character’s. In this instance, it’s close but I could not get it quite right. Makan is Lao and Ananda is Thai.

Furthermore, I wanted someone who at least superficially resembled Konerak Sinthasomphone. While the origin of Makan’s surname is utterly morbid, the intention was just to have a Lao surname. Since Concord is a rather black and white (by race) story, I wanted the future time travel team to mostly be Asian. No disrespect to the Sinthasomphone family is intended and should not be inferred.


Smart, albeit a little impatient, Makan can’t quite figure out what went wrong with moving Robert Lennox in time.


Makan has no known relationships, and I do not ‘ship him with Monisha Padir.

Mirror Universe

Mirror Makan Sinthasomphone
Mirror Makan Sinthasomphone

There are no impediments to Makan existing in the Mirror Universe, although the later you get in the timeline, the longer the odds become. Because engineers are needed in any universe, he could become wealthy or even an object of a lot of women’s desires.


“And we don’t have any evidence that he’s still alive, either. He’s like Schrödinger’s Cat.”


While he’s a minor character at best, Makan serves his purpose well.

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