Review – Fear

Review – Fear

Fear is one of the most important motivators for any person.

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Furthermore, in this very short story,  I used this rather particular and unpleasant motivation in order to get two rather disparate people to connect.


During the E2 timeline and more specifically during the events of The Three of Us, Lili is required to take a shuttle flight test.  Actually, everyone has to do it. While the pretense (on paper, as it were) for this is a need for the characters to cross-train and understand more about the overall workings of the ship, my true motivation was to get Lili alone for a moment and then get her and Jay alone in order to have the Imvari capture them.

As a result, this little scene is absolutely necessary. Travis tests Lili on how to fly a shuttle. And she fails the test. Hence the scene accomplishes its task. But I wanted more, so I ended up making it also about Lili’s fears. Furthermore, I was able to make it about Travis and him missing his family. This also gave me something I was able to use later in Everybody Knows this is Nowhere.  It can be kind of funny how some small, seemingly throwaway scenes can help out a writer at a later date, eh?

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The story is Rated K.


I liked this little scene so much, it became a part of the far bigger book. Lili’s fear is directly used to showcase a certain level of vulnerability. Travis shows the fear his mother had and, by extension, his fear that he will never see her again. For both of them, this powerful (and powerfully negative) motivator rules the scene.

Love may make the world go ’round, but we all share fear.

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