Portrait of a Character – Spock

Portrait of a Character – Spock

Spock Origins

Spock (Zachary Quinto version)

Spock (Zachary Quinto version)

Spock. The character is, of course, canon.


As in canon, the character is played by Zachary Quinto when younger and by Leonard Nimoy when more mature.

Spock (Leonard Nimoy version)

Spock (Leonard Nimoy version)


Aloof and seemingly afflicted with a superiority complex, it is easy to see why he vexed McCoy so much, in both timelines.

I write both versions in the Eriecho series and try to reconcile the two. The elder version tells Uhura that she was an important person to him but not a lover. The younger version is a bit baffled by the prime version and even more baffled by Sybok.


Nyota Uhura

This relationship, in the JJ Abrams universe, is canon. I kind of like the idea of this happening, that two highly intelligent people might have something in common. Nyota is a particularly gentling and calming influence as Amanda Grayson, in this timeline, is dead.


There is not much to tell, although this is a canon relationship from the Original Series.

Mirror Universe

The Mirror Universe version is canon. Ruthlessly efficient and as intelligence as he is here, I write the MU version before the canon episode. As Kirk’s  chief henchman, he just wants to stay out of the way while the dirty work is done.

Mirror Universe Spock (Leonard Nimoy)

Mirror Universe Spock (Leonard Nimoy)


“I spoke with Spock Prime, and he asked whether Sybok lived. It brought a memory to the surface. Sybok visited us once, when I was about three years of age. I have the slightest of memories of him. Father says that Sybok only visited that one time. And Father also says that he believes Sybok remains among the living. Nyota, he may be a living Vulcan who has not yet been accounted for.”


I like this character but I suspect I don’t do him justice. Then again, that is hard for anyone to do.
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