Review – Siberians

Review – Siberians


Yes, I went there.


Review – Siberians
Review – Siberians
It was a kind of irresistible premise: what the hell would Tom Paris and Kathryn Janeway do after Threshold?

I decided I wanted a piece of their time on the planet to be related to something rather biologically primal. It wouldn’t just be the sex drive. Instead, a part of the issue would be something which happens to non-human animals on Earth: they would go into season.

In order to be able to deal with this, I didn’t have them recreate what had happened. They decide to commemorate the occasion and remember their children.

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The story is Rated K+.


While Threshold is roundly (and justifiably, in my opinion) criticized as one of the worst episodes the entire franchise has to offer, it does raise this very question. How do you work together after that?

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