Review – Coffee

Review – Coffee

I love coffee! But maybe not so much the story. However, I certainly enjoy the brew, as do a lot of people. One good thing about it is how it humanizes Captain Kathryn Janeway. For all of the issues which the writers may have had with her, at least this quirk gives her humanity. After all, even if you prefer tea, you always know someone who would prefer the French Roast or the Sumatran blend.


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Anyone for coffee?

For an inspiration of the same name, I wrote a quickie drabble. The truth is, the story could be about anyone. In fact, I may have originally crafted it that way. The truth is, I can no longer recall. No matter.

It does not have to relate to Star Trek at all – and this little drabble just about barely does.


So anyone who knows Star Trek: Voyager is abundantly aware that Captain Kathryn Janeway enjoys her morning brew. One thing I liked about the show was that, despite replicator technology (and its seemingly magical properties), she’s still got to have real coffee. She notices if she’s getting something ersatz, a pale imitation. Hence this humanizing, relatable detail works on a lot of levels. I wanted to capture that, where she would muse over something so simple yet so personally potent. Furthermore, for Janeway, it serves as a quiet(er) moment in a life filled with everyone wanting something yesterday. As a result, this tiny moment starts her day off right.

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The story is Rated K.


I wanted to capture that moment, right before everything goes to hell and you’re being called on for a million different things. Did I make it? You tell me.

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