Portrait of a Character – Treve I

Portrait of a Character – Treve I

Treve I is a hero alien.


Lili needed a way and a reason to stay in the Lafa System at the end of Reversal.


Portrait of a Character – Treve I

Portrait of a Character – Treve I

Treve I is played by actor Jude Law. I like this handsome actor, and I feel he would make an interesting, high class alien.


Pushed to succeed at a young age, Treve knows something horrible is happening to his mother, Yipran, but he is powerless to stop it. Because he cannot protect her, he instead concentrates on protecting his two younger siblings – his sister, Yimar; and his brother, Chelben.


Pamela Hudson

Treve and Pamela get together at the end of Fortune. They date during Saturn Rise, and eventually marry. He is the anchor of her life.

Jennifer Crossman

In the Mirror Universe, Treve and Jennifer hook up during Reversal. By the time of Fortune and He Stays a Stranger, they are still together.

Mirror Universe

Just as posh in the Mirror, Treve is caught between a rock and a hard place and is pushed to kill Jennifer. He refuses and they become outlaws, eventually camping with Tripp, Beth, Chip, and Lucy, and their children. Even as a poacher dressed in rags, he still has the clipped accent of a failed diplomat.


“I – Polloria – I was a child when you, you came into our lives and Mother became ill. I have done my best to accept you. And I am, I am glad that Mother will not actually be killed, although if she were at all conscious it might be something she’d wish. But killing this alien? Cannot we put her back as we usually do?”


Determined to do the right thing even when others around him are note, Treve is a good guy who, in our universe, dies fairly young, and is childless on both sides of the pond. But that doesn’t stop him from doing good for people.

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