Portrait of a Character – Janice Rand

Portrait of a Character – Janice Rand

Janice Rand deserves better than canon gave her.


This character was removed from canon way too prematurely. Hence I try to remedy that with fanfiction.


Grace Lee Whitney appearing at a science ficti... (Janice Rand)

Grace Lee Whitney appearing at a science fiction convention in Houston, Texas, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As in canon, Janice is played by the late actress Grace Lee Whitney.

This lovely and bright actress got a raw deal. Why? Because the show runners wanted Kirk to be the bachelor captain with a girl in every port. So Whitney’s fatal flaw was having chemistry with him that was a little too good.

She was unceremoniously let go from a job that she loved and, by all accounts, was good at. I so wish that hadn’t happened. I think Whitney could have stayed with the show throughout its run.


Subservient but also smart, Yeoman Rand could have gone further. I have always felt there could have been a lot more to her; also her character arc should have been better. But the times and the network were in the way.


James T. Kirk

So as I write her in the Mirror, she and Kirk have a real relationship, pre-Marlene Moreau.

Mirror Universe

The truth is, right now, the only way I am showing Janice is in the Mirror, where she was never a part of canon.

Portrait of a Character – Janice Rand

Portrait of a Character – Janice Rand

As a result, in my fan fiction, she is Captain James T. Kirk‘s Captain’s Woman right before Marlena Moreau.

And Marlena can’t stand the competition.

Janice’s fate is to be stabbed to death by Marlena in the latter’s inexorable rise to power, which leads to the first MU episode ever, Mirror, Mirror.


“Marlena Moreau!”


I so should write more prequel action with her. I bet she would be more assertive and sexy in the Mirror Universe.

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