Progress Report – November 2016

Progress Report – November 2016

Posted Works

Barking up the Muse Tree | Janet Gershen-Siegel | jespah | QuillSo this was yet another month where I just did not have enough time or energy to post anything new. Hence, all of the works posted are older ones.

First of all, on the G & T Show forums, I started to post Temper.

And on, I continued to post Where the Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down the Plain. Because the stories there are getting even fewer reads and reviews, I am debating about continuing. However, I suspect this is a problem inherent in the Times of the HG Wells series, in that, if you know Daniels, you ‘get’ the stories. Yet if you don’t, then the stories fall flat.

Finally, on Wattpad, I continued to post A Long, Long Time Ago.


See the Stats page for individual read and review counts.

WIP Corner

November means NaNoWriMo and so I am finally getting to write The Real Hub of the Universe! I am enjoying it a great deal although I have little time these days. Hence sometimes that kind of stress turns into writer’s block.

Prep Work

I really need to go back to preparing for the next stories to be posted. And this includes, in particular, setting up more of the HG Wells series for Wattpad.

This Month’s Productivity Killers

Oh my gosh, you name it.

In late October, at the G & T Show, we held our second annual ’24 Hours of G & T’ marathon. And it really wiped me out at the end – so much so that I had trouble with wakefulness for nearly the entire following week. In addition, I volunteered to be the one to get the blog posts out (yes, that was not a smart move on my part) as others were handling YouTube and distributing the prizes. Eighteen blog posts later, I still had to take care of NaNoWriMo.

And that was not all of it. The Axanar case also heated up with a number of lengthy documents, and I needed to blog about them for Semantic Shenanigans. Furthermore, this is the height of the season for the wedding blog, as more people get engaged in the last three or so months in the year than at any other time except for Valentines’ Day.

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