Review – A Gathering

Review – A Gathering

A gathering can be an occasion for all sorts of meaningful activities.


So many holiday Star Trek fanfiction stories are about Christmas. I wanted one to be about Thanksgiving. And who would be more grateful than Eriecho and Saddik, the ex-convicts from Canamar Prison?


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Eriecho Series

At the Martian sanctuary, Jack Shaw hosts a massive Thanksgiving dinner. However, more importantly, gets to spend some time with Juliet Parker. And Shaw wants everything to be perfect.

I was pleased to be able to follow their romance a little, particularly as I had only briefly mentioned her in Release.  So in A Gathering, I show just how Jack is utterly jumping the gun in their relationship, which isn’t really a relationship at all. She barely remembers him, whereas he had actually been considering putting money down on a house. But she is a generous soul, and sees that he might not be a terribly romantic guy. However, she could not possibly ask for a more loyal and invested partner. Julie, to her credit, accepts his invitation to a private dinner.

As for Eriecho, she and Sollastek make sure to meet some of the surrogate mother volunteers. And there’s also a very special guest ….

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This story is rated K.


So I will have to get back to Jack and Julie at some point. I have not yet decided whether they work in the prime timeline. Should they? The idea is an odd one, seeing what the Kelvin timeline does to the Star Trek universe overall. However, wholly original characters such as Jack and Julie might be something that could work. Furthermore, given that the Vulcan sanctuaries are also a wholly original situation, that might also help.

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