Review – A Gathering

Review – A Gathering


So many holiday Star Trek fanfiction stories are about Christmas. I wanted one to be about Thanksgiving. And who would be more grateful than Eriecho and Saddik, the ex-convicts from Canamar Prison?


Review – A Gathering
Review – A Gathering

At the Martian sanctuary, Jack Shaw hosts a massive Thanksgiving dinner but, more importantly, gets to spend some time with Juliet Parker.

I was pleased to be able to follow their romance a little, particularly as I had only briefly mentioned her in Release.  In A Gathering, I show how Jack is utterly jumping the gun in their relationship, which isn’t really a relationship at all. She barely remembers him, whereas he had actually been considering putting money down on a house. But she is a generous soul, and sees that he might not be a terribly romantic guy, but she could not possibly ask for a more loyal and invested partner.

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This story is rated K.


I will have to get back to Jack and Julie at some point. I have not yet decided whether they work in the prime timeline.

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