Review – Good-Bye

Review – Good-Bye

Good-bye to whom? When Gina Nolan reminisces about Michael, she can finally let go and move on with her life. As a result, so can Gabby and everyone else in her orbit. Michael’s memory remains as vital as ever but with a lot less associated horror and pain.


So in response to a prompt of the same name, I decided to revisit Gina Nolan, Kittris, Freela, and Gabrielle, and let her say farewell to Michael. So for Gina, this ending is somewhat bittersweet but it also opens up other doors. If she can let Michael go, then she can fully embrace Kittris and their new life together. In addition, the endless anniversaries can finally become less important to her as the hurt recedes and her life fills with promise and possibility.


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Hold Your Dominion

Gina Nolan can finally let go.

On the tenth anniversary of the Breen attack on Earth, widow Gina Nolan is interviewed by the local news. And she finds the courage to allow her late husband, Michael’s, memory to recede and to finally, truly, get on with her life.

Hence even for a woman who has remarried, the pull of her first husband remained strong. The hurt was still fresh, until this particular moment of reflection and release. And if Gina can heal, then maybe everyone else can as well.

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This story is rated K.


So the Hold Your Dominion series is a reflection of 9/11 and, as such,  it follows what really happened in our world. Pregnant widows rose to the occasion and became stronger than they ever thought possible. And, eventually, they made their peace with things and carried on.  Therefore, eventually, so does Gina.

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