Review – Alien Encounter

Review – Alien Encounter

An alien encounter would probably scare a lot of us. This one really should.


For a similarly-named prompt, I wanted to explore the idea of what happens when our weirder-looking and somewhat frightening allies end up in sticky situations with us. And for many people, this particular situation is fraught with fear. Furthermore, so is this type of alien. Hence I put the two together in order to see just what would happen.


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Alien Encounter

Keith Paris finds himself trapped in a stuck lift with an unexpected someone.

And that someone, it turns out, is a Xindi Insectoid. Eek!

The Xindi, though (this is just after the conclusion of the Xindi War), recognizes that the situation is an uncomfortable one. So in a small way, the alien provides a measure of reparations, and apologizes for its species’ actions during the war. The Xindi did not have to do that. In addition, looking back on this rather short tale, that feels like a cliché. Because why the hell should an ordinary citizen apologize for the actions of his or her government?

Excuse me, its government.

I say ‘it’ because, prior to breeding, I name Xindi as ‘the one who’ versus ‘she who’. This naming convention works for me but it is not canon.

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This story is rated K.


So the story is perhaps too compact and short, but I currently have no plans to update and expand it at this time. As a result, it feels way too ‘pat’. I could have expanded on it and given everyone a lot more depth. However, that is just not going to be happening.

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