Review – One Last Gift

Review – One Last Gift


A prompt about gift giving took me to a dark place. I had only recently drafted this scene, and knew it would be a while before it would be posted. Therefore, I lifted the scene, nearly intact, and presented it as the answer to the prompt.


Review – One Last Gift
Review – One Last Gift

An endgame is reached for two characters. The scene takes place during Shake Your Body.

It is the last few moments of Boris Yarin and Marisol Castillo‘s lives. She is putting the screws to him, threatening to tell his wife, Darragh Stratton, everything about their affair. He is about to lose his job, his one security. He is part-Klingon, and the anticipated dishonor is far too much to bear. And so he quite literally takes matters into his own hands.

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This story is rated K+.


This chilling little story did get people interested in Boris and Marisol, but not enough to really get them reading. Ah,  well. The timing was not right.

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