Portrait of a Character – Emmet Kent Hoberman

Portrait of a Character – Emmet Kent Hoberman

Emmet Kent Hoberman is a character I have changed a few times.


Portrait of a Character – Emmet Kent Hoberman

English: Ed Norton at the 2009 premiere of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Photographer’s blog post about event and photograph. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the first-ever game played by The Black Sheep barnstorming team, the idea was that the team would play hockey. This would be with a team of members of a military unit on Andoria. It was to be the place where, if the O’DayBeckett marriage had ended at the end of Together, Doug would have ended up. Instead, it’s more like a footnote until this story.


Hobie is played by actor Edward Norton. I had used this actor for the HG Wells series and liked him and wanted to revisit him. But instead of being ADHD-addled Levi Cavendish, he would be a decent military guy.


Affable, a little shy, and very formal, Kent is a divorced guy who rarely goes out. Then he meets Dana MacKenzie, and his interest is piqued. This is because she is more aggressive and sporting than he has seen before. But then things go too far, too fast.


Sandy Hoberman

Kent’s estranged wife left while still pregnant with their second daughter. I have nothing on her and I only mention her. She is never on screen. The idea is that it was a painful, messy divorce. All Hobie cares about is being able to see Katie and Nichole, his children.

Dana MacKenzie

With Dana, there isn’t too much of a relationship. They enjoy each other’s company and communicate a little, but that’s it. Neither of them try very hard as she is hung up on Martin Madden. And Kent, regardless of what he says, is still mourning his broken marriage.

Darragh Masterson

In an alternate timeline, MU Kent is attached to Darragh, who is an Augment descendant (and is probably an ancestor of both Darragh Stratton and Rick Daniels‘s mother, Chloe Masterson). Is Kent also an Augment descendant? I don’t know.

Mirror Universe

Seen briefly during an iteration where Rick is still trying to repair the timeline, Kent is a survivalist and stuck on a planet in the old Delphic Expanse.

Portrait of a Character – Emmet Kent Hoberman

MU Emmet Kent Hoberman

He is also with Darragh Masterson but, when they are in communications with the Enterprise-E, he checks out Dana, much to Darragh’s chagrin.


“I don’t normally go to bed with women so quickly. You can tell I don’t exactly have the smoothest moves out there. But, um, please don’t get dressed and please don’t leave, okay? ‘Cause I, uh, nobody’s stayed here in, God, she left before Nichole was even born. I swear I won’t touch anything or do anything that you don’t wanna do. Because I just, I want your company. I hope you want mine a little, too.”


For a character I wa originally going to quickly kill off or at least dismiss, Hobie ended up with a fairly complicated and interesting life, I feel.

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