Review – Makeover

Review – Makeover


This story was written as a small crossover gift to kes7. I wanted to turn a pair of her characters into a couple so important to the timeline that the Temporal Integrity Commission would do everything it could in order to assure their first meeting would go smoothly.


Review – Makeover
Review – Makeover

While Tom is on his honeymoon; HD and Sheilagh are on vacation together; and Polly and Rick are on assignments, Carmen sends Crystal on a special mission.

Crystal finds Icheb, a former Borg drone, and gives him a bit of a makeover by growing his hair slightly longer, replicating him some hair gel, making him a new shirt, and getting him to loosen up a little bit. Crystal, being perhaps a little silly, even gets a tad emotional and hugs him before sending him off to meet Maren O’Connor and his destiny.

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This story is rated K.


I really liked this cute little story, which managed to showcase Crystal rather neatly and also put a smile on kes7’s face. Mission accomplished!

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