Portrait of a Character – Trinning

Portrait of a Character – Trinning

Trinning is a doctor.


The Daranaean Trinning started off as a teenaged boy, one of Mistra‘s children. In later stories, I realized I needed a doctor character, so he was elected. He also ended up sympathetic, a family man with a loving home life for all three of his wives.


Portrait of a Character – Trinning

Stock image of Anubis

Daranaeans aren’t really ‘played’ by anyone. I see Trinning as looking a bit like a Doberman with uncropped ears. As an adult, I picture him as resembling the Egyptian god of the dead, Anubis.

He could be a rather handsome Daranaean.


Kind, intelligent, and loving, Trinning sees curing Thylacine Paramyxovirus as being his life’s work. But he also comes home to a rousing, loving family life, where he does his best to treat his three wives as equally as possible. He even treats his third caste wife with dignity and respect. That’s still rare in Daranaean society.



Trinning’s Prime Wife is a high class Daranaean woman, and is a daughter of Acreon, their war hero. Sharp-eyed readers will remember her from Some Assembly Required, and her father from Take Back the Night.  In Some Assembly, Kathalia shows a particularly enlightened attitude by referring to her half-sister Morza (who is a secondary female) as her sister and dropping the half- prefix.


In Some Assembly Required, this secondary confesses to her friends that she thinks Trinning smells the best of any boy. In Flight of the Bluebird, he refers to her as his first love.


This third caste female is only seen in Flight. She is niece to lab ‘volunteer’ Fyra and mother to Erda, who is a toddler.

Mirror Universe

There are no impediments to Trinning existing in the Mirror Universe.

Portrait of a Character – Trinning

Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian god of the dead

Because the Y Chromosome Skew only affects human (Terran) males, the Daranaeans would not necessarily have a population skewing heavily male. And in the prime universe, their population skews heavily female, hence their caste system.

Therefore, it’s possible that he would have only one wife on the other side of the pond. Without a caste system (I have never written MU Daranaeans, but the idea is of some interest to me), he might just marry his first love, Jamae.


“The table has four legs, and none of them are any longer than the others. If they were, the table would fall. You are one of my loves, regardless of your caste.”


When I wrote the first Daranaean stories, it seemed as if the men would invariably be the bad guys. Trinning, instead, is a hero.

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