Review – Double Helix

Review – Double Helix


After posting Release, there was a call for a sequel. Readers wanted to know what had happened to Eriecho and Saddik.


Review – Double Helix
Review – Double Helix

A couple of months after arriving at the Martian sanctuary, Saddik and Eriecho visit people who are, in a way, their family.

They meet up with Enkir and his mother, L’Cultura. These Suliban are the brother and mother, respectively, of Eriecho’s adoptive mother, H’Shema. And, by extension, she was also Saddik’s lover while they were in prison at Canamar.

Enkir is a little reserved, but L’Cultura seems overly fragile. It is Eriecho who perks her up and, ultimately, gives her a reason to go on.

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The story is rated K.


I enjoyed revisiting these characters so much that they got their own series!

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