Review – Smash Your Dominion

Review – Smash Your Dominion


I wrote this story when I was pretty new to Ad Astra, and so I didn’t have much to draw upon. The prime universe version of this series was all about a widow, Gina Nolan, recovering from the traumatic death of her husband.


Review – Smash Your Dominion
Review – Smash Your Dominion

A Mirror Universe version of Hold Your Dominion as imagined if a network executive demanded that a Mirror Universe episode be written.

In this version of events, the storyline actually begins with her saying, “Of course I wanted him dead.” It felt like the perfect opener.

Gina became reimagined as a Captain’s Woman, to Simpson Keller (that is the real-life name of Helen Keller’s half-brother, by the way. It has no other meaning and I just liked the name). Gina leaves their bed and wanders the halls of a starship, and is called away because her daughter, Gabrielle, has gotten into trouble. The person complaining is the Klingon, Kittris.

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The story is rated T.


As a character, Gina was pretty meek and mild at the time. Here, she’s a force of nature, and I kind of like that. As to whether I will revisit this storyline, I have no plans to do so at this time.

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