Review – Timeless

Review – Timeless

Timeless is where I just wanted to put right what I felt had gone wrong. But of course you can’t really do that. Hence it serves as almost (almost!) my own personal Quantum Leap episode, much like Theorizing.


When actor Leonard Nimoy passed away, there was a special free write and the idea of ‘saving’ him was an irresistible one. Add in the crew from the Temporal Integrity Commission, and a little bit of silliness got to creep in as well.


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Clockworks – Deep Future

Therefore, in 3115, the Human Unit at the Temporal Integrity Commission decides to save one special Vulcan.

I wanted Spock (a character I have always had something of a love/hate relationship with – I tend to see Dr. McCoy’s point of view more than Spock’s in the old TOS arguments) to have a kind of ethereal quality. Plus I wanted the TIC to occasionally bend their own rules. The action takes place after they have done just that, and saved Milena Chelenska on her deathbed. Hence there is a precedent for this behavior, and the precedent even winds back to First Born and saving Jun Daniels Sato.

Because Spock Prime is also a part of the Eriecho stories (and the Kelvin timeline in canon, of course), this act affects numerous timelines. Megaotric? Maybe not exactly, but it’s definitely a pariotric change.

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The story is rated K.


In some ways, I may have overdone things. Spock gets his resurrection and, in a way, so does Leonard Nimoy. Yet some of it feels like I was forcing a square peg into a round hole.

Yet in addition, it also feels almost unfair that this cannot really happen. Science, get on this, stat!

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