Review – Timeless

Review – Timeless


When actor Leonard Nimoy passed away, there was a special free write and the idea of ‘saving’ him was an irresistible one. Add in the crew from the Temporal Integrity Commission, and a little bit of silliness got to creep in as well.


Review – Timeless
Review – Timeless

In 3115, the Human Unit at the Temporal Integrity Commission decides to save one special Vulcan.

I wanted Spock (a character I have always had something of a love/hate relationship with – I tend to see Dr. McCoy’s point of view more than Spock’s in the old TOS arguments) to have a kind of ethereal quality. Plus I wanted the TIC to occasionally bend their own rules. The action takes place after they have done just that, and saved Milena Chelenska on her deathbed.

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The story is rated K.


It feels almost unfair that this cannot really happen. Science, get on this, stat!

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