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Review – Happy Stuff 3111

Review – Happy Stuff 3111

Happy Stuff 3111 is one of the first Times of the HG Wells sequels to He Stays a Stranger. Since there was still not a lot on the HD-Sheilagh romance, this was an opportunity to rectify that, at least a little bit. And I mean little.


The writing prompt was just to write a drabble. I had fairly recently finished the Times of the HG Wells series, so I wanted something to show the aftermath. Hence this one would be about a few months later, where the gang would be more or less back in their old routines. However, too much has changed and so of course there are changes to the characters as well. They cannot go back to what they were.


Barking up the Muse Tree | jespah | Janet Gershen-Siegel | Clockworks | Happy Stuff 3111


Sheilagh and HD celebrate the end of the year holidays.

That was about it. My impulse was to show a bit of their relationship, as I had started it off but never really gotten it going within the books in the series. This drabble, in a way, remedies at least some of that. But it shows nearly nothing. This was supposed to be one of my more important couples but that simply did not happen. HD, I suppose, was too much like a kid. And Sheilagh, while kind of interesting, took a backseat to both Carmen and Eleanor. Even the DeirdreBruce romance gets more play.

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The story is rated K.


Like all drabbles, it is not too much more than a sketch, rather than an actual story. Will I pursue this further? Right now, that is looking rather doubtful, but I feel it is a decent drabble, as far as drabbles go.

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