Portrait of a Character – Donald Oliver

Portrait of a Character – Donald Oliver

Donald Oliver is a bad guy.


The Perfectionists needed a henchman, particularly after Anthony Parker was killed by them as being insubordinate. Also, Helen couldn’t possibly sully her hands with blood. That’s a job for not only Donald and Anthony, and Daniel Beauchaine, but also for Marisol Castillo. Donald is their male traveling, murderous agent.


Portrait of a Character – Donald Oliver

Ben Whishaw as Donald Oliver (image is for educational purposes only)

Donald is played by actor Ben Whishaw. He seems to be a rather versatile actor. I don’t know too much about him; he was in a recent James Bond film in the role of Q. I bet he would enjoy playing a science fiction villain if the opportunity arose.


Whiny and irritating, Donald will do what Milton Walker wants him to, but he often won’t go there without a complaint. He is an utterly disagreeable person at the best of times.


Donald has no known relationships. I had originally thought about pairing him up with Helen Walker, but the storyline was already becoming rather large and unwieldy. Rather than sowing more confusion, I decided to put them at least partly at odds. See, Donald bores her.

Mirror Universe

There are no impediments to Donald existing in the Mirror Universe, although the chances of a perfect counterpart existing go down as time marches on.

Portrait of a Character – Donald Oliver

Ben Whishaw as Mirror Donald (image is for educational purposes)

There is always room for a henchman in the Mirror, so the counterpart could end up being rather similar to our universe’s version. However, there’s little to no room for whining in the Mirror Universe, so this version, in order to survive to adulthood, has to have learned to keep his trap shut.


“Milton said I was gonna be in charge when he left.”


At the end of He Stays a Stranger, this character was being arrested. Perhaps I’ll write his trial; it’ll be interesting to see how the Temporal Integrity Commission maintains its high levels of secrecy while trying to present evidence of temporal tampering (and keeping Rick and Carmen‘s actions during First Born a secret).

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