Portrait of a Character – Michael Rostov

Portrait of a Character – Michael Rostov

Michael Rostov is canon but also fan fiction.


Portrait of a Character – Michael Rostov

Joseph Will as Michael Rostov, with Linda Park as Hoshi Sato (image is for educational purposes)

The character is canon, first on screen during the Vox Sola episode.

He also shows up two more times, in Two Days and Two Nights, and The Crossing. However, it’s only in Vox Sola where he is shown with J. Kelly, who calls him by his first name. So in canon, they clearly know each other well.


As in canon, Michael is played by actor Joseph Will. I like this big lug of a guy, who also seems to have a good sense of humor.


Kind and competent, Mike is not necessarily going to ever become a leader. But he truly loves Judy, and is a particularly good father to their daughter in the first E2 kick back in time, Valleri.


Judy Kelly

During both kicks back in time, Michael and Judy marry. In fact, in the first iteration, they are the first to wed. So they essentially kick off the romances. Their wedding ends Reflections Down a Corridor.

Mirror Universe

So there do not seem to be any impediments to Michael existing in the Mirror Universe.

Portrait of a Character – Michael Rostov

Joseph Will as Mirror Michael Rostov

While he is not shown in the two canon MU episodes, that does not mean that he does not exist there.

Because Mirror personalities are often different, he might be less shy, and even a ruthless businessman.


“I don’t wanna just be friends. I, I know it’s early. Maybe you wanna see if you have, uh, other prospects.”


I was glad to be able to give this canon character a little more substance. I hope I did right by him.

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