Portrait of a Character – Trea Hoshi

Portrait of a Character – Trea Hoshi


First just seen as an embryo, barely a few hours old, Trea Hoshi is the embodiment of the hopes of the Arisian people. As the first female conceived since the elimination of women on that world, she is meant to begin a new era where the population again becomes regularly two-gendered. Her title, which is the title of the other girls (who are identical to her), means ‘Mother of the World’. Her very existence is owed, in There’s Something About Hoshi, to the female hormones of Hoshi Sato.


Portrait of a Character – Trea Hoshi

Ziyi Zhang as Trea Hoshi (image is presented for educational purposes only)

Trea Hoshi is played by actress Zhang Ziyi. I really loved the idea of using the same actress for Trea Hoshi as I had for Takara Masterson Sato Tucker, as the characters are similar in some ways. I have barely described the Arisians; they are essentially ‘forehead aliens’, with a pattern to their foreheads but otherwise little to distinguish them from humans.


Originally, I had not intended to write a sequel, called There’s Something Else About Hoshi. The opportunity presented itself when I was prompted to write to set a scene. But then there was the matter of an almost-grown Trea Hoshi herself.

She is somewhat schoolgirlish, and perhaps a bit overwhelmed by all of the attention that is continually showered on her and the other cloned girls.


Her relationship is utterly unknown. At the end of There’s Something Else …, it’s Milit’s engagement to Trea Aquili that is announced. But there is, of course, someone for Trea Hoshi. Perhaps I’ll write that story one of these days.

Mirror Universe

I cannot see her as existing in the Mirror Universe, as her origins are dependent upon Hoshi Sato. I just do not see the Empress as having the time or interest or the sympathy for such things.


“Trea Aqili and Trea Mirana and I often speak of such things. The governmental ministers are most interested. They bring gifts, much like you have been provided with today.”


As one of many clones, Trea Hoshi isn’t meant to be easy to know or distinguish from the other clones. The storyline might need to continue; it could say a lot about sexism, I imagine.

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