Portrait of a Character – Walter Woods

Portrait of a Character – Walter Woods


As I was writing the E2 stories, one thing I wanted to have happen was for some of the relationships to not work out. One, in particular, would be a cuckolding, not found out until the birth of a child. Making matters more interesting, the child would be mixed race.

With canon character W. Woods (I gave him the first name of Walter), a rather dark-skinned man, the premise proved to be irresistible, a kind of secondary ‘three of us’, but a far from positive one.


Portrait of a Character – Walter Woods

Ricky Lomax as W. Woods (image is courtesy of Memory Alpha)

As in canon, Walter is played by background actor Ricky Lomax.  I don’t believe he uttered a line in the entire series (although he was seen in the background of a lot of episodes in the series).


Lonely and caught up in the moment, but ultimately decent, Walter never means to hurt Victoria.


Diana Jones

Before he asks out any of the other women, Walter first goes after Diana, who informs him that she is a lesbian. She points him in the direction of Vicki.

Victoria Dietrich

When Walter and Vicki are dating, in The Three of Us, he expresses his joy about their relationship. However, all is not quite right, although he technically never cheats on her. Once she hears about Mara, she kicks him to the curb and ends up with Mara’s ex, Robert Slater.

Mara Brodsky

Just before beginning to date Victoria, Walter is Mara‘s affair partner while she is married to Robert. In denial, she insists, and he agrees, that she is pregnant with Robert’s child. But once the baby is born, the jig is up.

They raise Jeffrey together, and end up together. They also have a daughter, Tanya.

Mirror Universe

Walter exists in the Mirror Universe, in canon. As is the case with every even halfway decent-looking man on the ISS Defiant, Empress Hoshi sleeps with him.

Portrait of a Character – Walter Woods

Ricky Lomax as Mirror W. Woods (image is courtesy of Memory Alpha)

But he isn’t high enough in the ranks for her to have his child.

I don’t have him challenging the status quo, and probably won’t write anything like that.


“I, I, Gods. I just got caught up. The, uh, the last time, it was less than a week before Victoria and I got together for the first time. And I, yanno, I was happy. So I just kinda swept it under the rug. And I figured, well, she couldn’t be pregnant by me. It had to be your kid. Had to!


This character, much like Patti Socorro, has been kicked around a lot.  I don’t see him in a leading role but I do like him as a kind of background character, much like the actor really has been.

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