Spotlight on an Original Species, the Varg-i-yeh

Spotlight on an Original Species, the Varg-i-yeh


As almost a Mirror Universe version of Branch Borodin, I wanted to create an ultimate villain species which would be a race of shapeshifters who would use time to their advantage and as a means of crossing long spatial distances and, perhaps, attempting to live forever.

They would also be utterly ruthless, not caring at all about whoever got in their way.

As a counterpart to Keanu Reeves (who plays Branch), I wanted someone female who would also be able to do blank expressions, and hit upon the idea of Kristen Stewart.

Spotlight on an Original Species, the Varg-i-yeh

Kristen Stewart (image is presented for educational purposes only)

Being a shapeshifting race, the Varg-i-yeh can be nearly anything. Stewart is really more of a placeholder than anything else.


I like that they were evil, but the truth is, I was tired of writing the series by then, and probably had them defeated a little too quickly. I could have done better by them, I know.
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