Review – Promise

Review – Promise

Promise works as, like a lot of other stories, a play on words. For that is because it means both vow and potential. It covers a meaningful moment during a kick back in time.


I was asked several times, “When are you going to show Travis and Julie?” Well, here they are.


Taking place wholly within The Three of Us and the E2 timeline, the story covers the very beginning of their relationship.

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The Three of Us

So Travis is ready to ask the lovely MACO out. But Julie is skeptical. She knows that being asked out is practically a marriage proposal in that generational ship. An with so many limitations, she wonders if she is compromising. Is she settling?

Well, she is, and so is he. But that is the nature of that particular beast. The timeline does not permit the picking up of too many passengers.

However, Travis is not only very good-looking, he’s also sweet.

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The story has a K rating.


I’m not so sure that I fully captured Julie’s reticence as well as I had liked. Travis is basically the happiest canon character on the ship, and I wanted Julie to share in his enthusiasm and optimism. But I also wanted her, at the start, to be cautious. However, I wanted her abundance of caution to spring from doubts as to who would be the best possible mate for her. They do not come from the characters’ differing races.

I do hope that fans liked what I wrote. I always hope that, but I particularly do here, as the story was written in order to satisfy an ongoing request.

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