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Review – Calendar Turning Event #3111

Review – Calendar Turning Event #3111

Calendar turning event? Yes – it is New Year’s Eve.


As the real calendar turned from 2013 to 2014, I hit upon the idea of having the Temporal Integrity Commission celebrate a bit. This celebration, because it’s the TIC, would have a bit of a twist and adventure to it.

Review – Calendar Turning Event #3111

Review – Calendar Turning Event #3111


Otra D’Angelo is throwing a new year’s party, and everyone in the TIC is invited, not just the Human Unit. Admiral Carmen Calavicci has her charges together, but Levi Cavendish has not thought ahead far enough to bring her a gift. So Carmen is well aware that he has adult ADHD and is squirrelly and has human relationship problems even on his best days. But she still feels that’s rude. When the gifts go missing during a transport, and then Carmen and Levi do as well, they have to work together in order to get back.

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The story is rated K.


I like this little look into the Commission but also into how difficult Levi really can be, and how Carmen makes a lot of allowances for his brilliance. In addition, these two characters get to work together. They cooperate and solve a problem. This is a far cry from how I had originally envisioned Levi and Carmen in the Times of the HG Wells series, where he would mainly be a reason for her to get migraine headaches. Instead, they work to get out of their predicament, and do it with style. Carmen’s love of booze comes to the forefront, but so does Levi’s preoccupation with his PADD and inattention when it comes to nearly anything else.

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