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Review – It Had to Be You

Review – It Had to Be You

It Had to Be You!


This short story comes from a prompt of the same name. It all hinged on emphasizing the last word in the sentence.


For the Original Series Mirror, Mirror episode, I always wondered why Janice Rand wasn’t in it.

Review – It Had To Be You

Marlena Moreau

Of course I know the real-life reason. It was that actress Grace Lee Whitney had lost her job with the show. But what about an in-universe reason?

Since it is canon that people in the Mirror often kill their superiors in order to get ahead, it makes sense that Marlena Moreau would do the same. This would be when it came to becoming the new Captain’s Woman. Because in a brutal society, that would work the best. It also worked as a retcon to make it so that Rand would have been the previous person to hold that position. Shatner and Whitney had great chemistry and that was another reason Whitney lost her job. Shatner (Kirk) was supposed to remain the bachelor captain. Hence I had another reason to make Rand the original Captain’s Woman.

However, the twist to the story was the addition of an investigator. I write Mirror Universe justice as being essentially nonexistent. So there had to be a compelling reason for an investigation into Rand’s death. I decided that she would have a connection to the Emperor. In my fan fiction, that man would be a descendant of the Mirror Tripp Tucker and Elizabeth Cutler.

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The story is rated T.


I loved putting together Moreau, Kirk, Rand, and the investigator. I should revisit this story line!

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