Review – That’s Not My Name

Review – That’s Not My Name


This story comes from a prompt of the same name.


I had already written the sequel to this short story, It Had to be You.

Review – That's Not My Name
Marlena Moreau

The idea I had was that the Mirror Universe Jim Kirk would not necessarily have gotten together with Marlena Moreau in a conventional way. After all, it’s the Mirror.

I had also wondered why Janice Rand wasn’t shown in the Mirror (the real reason is that the actress, Grace Lee Whitney, had left the show). For an in-universe explanation, it made a lot of sense for Marlena to be Janice’s killer.


The prompt (which I wrote) comes from a Ting Tings song.

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The story is rated T.


There had always been chemistry between William Shatner and Grace Lee Whitney. If Whitney had been around when the Mirror, Mirror episode had originally aired, it would not surprise me if there would have been a similar explanation about Janice.

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