Review – Marbles

Review – Marbles

Marbles captures a quick moment. Blink and you’ll miss it. And the really funny thing about blog posts and SEO is that I need to write a blog post with just about three times as many words as the entire drabble. Hence if I am reiterating things, or seem to be repeating myself, that is exactly why. Sorry!


This drabble comes from a prompt of the same name. As I have done many times before, I got inspiration from a play on words. Marbles led to, of course, the game pieces (toys? What would you call them? Playing pieces, maybe?) but also a marble cake. That got me to thinking about Lili. Furthermore, there is a third meaning – where you wonder if you are losing yours. Hence there is a rather subtle shout out to that as well. Because Charlotte Lilienne O’Day is presiding over barely structured chaos.


During The Three of Us,

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The Three of Us

Lili – very pregnant with Madeline Suzette – bakes a marble cake for Jay‘s birthday. That version of Joss tries to help by taking the name of the cake a little too literally.

Lili’s task, of course, is to keep the steelies out of the cake so that it can remain edible.

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The story has a K rating.


I love giving Jay a family. As a result, this simple drabble is a bit amusing and heartwarming all at once. In addition, it fills in some blanks in his E2 life. The steely-eyed MACO commanding officer is not always all business. He has time and the inclination for love and a family as well.

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