Portrait of a Character – Libba

Portrait of a Character – Libba


In The Cure is Worse Than the Disease, I wanted a kind of sandwich wife, who would get the worst of both worlds. Enter Libba.


Portrait of a Character – Libba

Like nearly all Daranaean characters no one really ‘plays’ Libba. This is an image of a Hungarian Viszla. Readers are encouraged to use their imaginations.


Timid, oppressed, not very bright, and more than a little frightened much of the time, Libba is the very definition of stuck. Her position as a secondary wife requires her to do much of the reproductive heavy lifting. At the same time, she is also in charge of homeschooling the children. She is tired and weakened from her burdens. All she wants is for it to stop already.



Like all other Daranaean women of her time, Libba is married off once and that’s it. There are no other options or prospects for her. If Elemus predeceases her, she will not be permitted to remarry.

Mirror Universe

Portrait of a Character – Libba
Mirror Libba (a Viszla)

I have never explored Mirror Universe Daranaean women.

The idea of the women possibly being in charge or assertive is intriguing and I may write it some day.


“I will, one of these days, I will die. I keep getting more and more tired, and weaker. The last time, it was less than a month from when I gave birth to when I became pregnant again. I was sick and weak and still pouch feeding, but already moved onto this one,” she indicated the baby in her pouch. “I do not think I can do this anymore. I don’t want to do it anymore.”


At the end of Flight of the Bluebird, things have considerably improved for the third caste women. But there isn’t a lot being done for secondaries. To Dr. Nguyen, Libba looks tired. She undoubtedly is.

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