Review – Worry

Review – Worry

Worry is, well, worrisome, I suppose.

For a prompt with the same name as the title, I wanted to do a little drabble about T’Pol and her sometimes uneven relationship with a certain crew member.


Review – Worry

Worried T’Pol

In canon, T’Pol’s relationship with Porthos is a bit rocky. In the beginning, she is bothered by his smell and cannot adjust to the idea of a pet being an appropriate presence on a starship. Because Jonathan Archer is so wrapped up in the dog’s well being, and T’Pol and Jonathan do not get off on the best footing in the beginning of the series, there might be some carry over. That is, maybe T’Pol has issues with Porthos because she has issues with Archer. Fortunately, she warms up to both of them.

A part of T’Pol’s journey as a character is to understand and accept both of them. Love or hate These are the Voyages (hate it!), the scene where he stiffly hugs her has some merit.

So now she has cause to have concern over Porthos. And I feel this would ring true as well.


It’s just a little thing, but Porthos is sick. T’Pol has already rushed him to Sick Bay. The little drabble just covers her fretting and asking Phlox about his condition.

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The story has a K rating.


Porthos has a value to the crew that T’Pol only begins to understand later in the series. To my mind, it made sense for that understanding to happen during the E2 alternate timeline as well. For her, he has become more than just the captain’s pet. And he’s more than the odd addition to the crew she initially didn’t much care for. Now, she cares for him a great deal. I was glad to be able to showcase that.

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