Portrait of a Character – Judy Kelly

Portrait of a Character – Judy Kelly


This character is canon, although she only has a first initial. She is seen during the Vox Sola episode. For the E2 timeline, I wanted her to be in the first and semi-unexpected relationship.


As in canon, Judy is played by actress Renee Goldsberry.

Portrait of a Character – Judy Kelly

Renee Goldsberry as Judy Kelly

In addition to Star Trek: Enterprise, she has also been on soaps. The Memory Alpha image in particular does not do her justice (the garage mechanic-style unis were not flattering to a lot of the actors). In Reflections Down a Corridor, I have Chang lump her with other women he considers to be ugly – Patti, Susie, and Lili. Hence it was a bit of an unexpected twist to put her into the first marriage on the ship after the first kick back in time.


Friendly and approachable, Judy is reliable but mainly stays out of the spotlight. I do not give her promotions, commendations, or any sort of authority. But not everyone becomes captain, or even ensign. There are those who quietly serve, and Judy is one of those people.


Michael Rostov

In canon, they are friends. In the E2 timeline, I wanted them to be a lot more than that. In Reflections Down a Corridor, they are the first new couple to get together (technically, Tripp and T’Pol predate them).

Mirror Universe

Portrait of a Character – Judy Kelly

Renee Goldsberry as Mirror Judy

There are no impediments to Judy existing in the Mirror Universe. Empress Hoshi will only hold onto female crew members if they are very competent or are not serious sexual competition, preferably both. Judy fits the first criterion but not really the second.

But Goldsberry, for real, is a singer. In the Mirror Universe, singing would be a viable career even for the oppressed women of the other side of the pond. Because I write artistic Mirror Universe denizens as being elites, Judy could even be wealthy.


“I don’t need other prospects.”


Minor characters, with nearly no screen time, can still have rather rich lives in fan fiction. Judy is one such character.

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