Review – To Wish, To Want, To Desire

Review – To Wish, To Want, To Desire

Wish for … what?

To Wish, To Want, To Desire Background

Wish. Want. Desire. On January 11, 2162, Treve and Pamela talk about their expectations for a relationship.

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In Between Days, the Arrangement


In response to a Star Trek fan fiction prompt about wanting, I went with a trio of synonyms, each pushing in what I felt was one rather particular direction. I wanted it to be a thwarted desire, the kind of thing that is temporarily put off in anticipation of a far greater payoff. That led me to the idea of Pamela Hudson and her relationship with Treve.

I had already established, in The Best Things Come in Pairs and Complications that this couple do not have sexual relations until they have been dating for a good year. However, given Pamela’s history, I knew that this character would want to move far more quickly than that. She would have to be put off somehow.

It is just after Fortune, and Treve is driving Pamela to her uncle, Cyril Morgan‘s, home on Lafa II. She begins to hint around – and not too coyly, I might add – that she wants their great first day to turn into an even greater first night. Treve, on his part,  has to explain to her that he is a virgin, and that casual sex with a Calafan can sometimes turn into a profound bonding experience. To do so too quickly could be exceptionally awkward for both of them if they find out in the future that they are incompatible.

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The story is rated K.


I liked the idea of Pamela essentially being told to hold her horses. For the character who is possibly the most sex-obsessed of all of my creations, the idea of making her wait was irresistible.

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