Portrait of a Character – Gregory Shaw

Portrait of a Character – Gregory Shaw


When I began to develop the Times of the HG Wells series, I created a number of characters which could be called upon at various times. One was an animals whisperer, a holdover from when I had created a wholly original time travel series. Enter Greg Shaw.


Gregory is played by actor Blair Underwood.

Portrait of a Character – Gregory Shaw

Blair Underwood as Gregory Shaw

I like this smart, attractive actor. I just wish I had used the character more. As things currently stand, he is barely shown, and I should rectify that.


Gentle with animals and understanding of them, Greg is essentially just a really good guy. However, when time is altered, he becomes Pope Gregory XXXII in The Point is Probably Moot.


Gregory has no known relationships in either universe.

Mirror Universe

Portrait of a Character – Gregory Shaw

Blair Underwood as Mirror Gregory Shaw

There are really no impediments to Gregory existing in the Mirror Universe.

Because there would be no need whatsoever for an animals whisperer there, even in the very deep future (after all, that is a universe with multiple extinctions, including giraffes, as is noted in Temper), I can see him as being more sophisticated. It is also unlikely that he would be Pope or a religious man as religion would generally be seen as being a kind of devotion in direct conflict with the required devotion to be given to the Emperor or other leaders (as Empress Hoshi had required, in Bread).

So, what does Gregory do? He might be an artist and, therefore, an elite. Or maybe he would be yet another soldier or security officer. I don’t see him as being a misplaced idealist like Anthony Parker.

Quote (not a direct quote)

Pope Gregory XXXII today announced that meatless Fridays are back in effect. All believers are advised to shop for fish or vegetarian specialties on Thursdays, so as to be prepared.


This descendant of Colonel Jack Shaw and Juliet Parker has had almost no screen time. I should rectify that.

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