Portrait of a Character – Ines Ramirez

Portrait of a Character – Ines Ramirez


I wanted one of the Beckett-O’Day-MaddenDigiorno-Reed children to have a Calafan-style set of dual day/night relationships, much like Lili, Doug, and Malcolm. I decided that Neil would be the one to be in such a situation.


I see America Ferrera in this role.

Portrait of a Character – Ines Ramirez

America Ferrera as Ines Ramirez

It was very important to me that Ines be “played” by an actress with Hispanic ethnicity.

She doesn’t really have science fiction credits, but she does have fantasy credits. It would not surprise me if she was eventually tapped for a superhero film or a movie based on a comic book series or the like. She seems to be a versatile and  likable actress.


Smart and friendly, the daughter of Jenny and Francisco is practical and bighearted. Her home is your home.


Neil Digiorno-Madden

Although they never marry, Ines’s heart belongs to Neil, and they have two children, Jenny Lee (Jennifer Leonora) and Martin Kevin, who is named for Kevin Madden-Beckett and is also one of the eventual ancestors to canon character Martin Madden (who I name Martin Douglas Madden). Ines is also the second of Neil’s loves; he meets Yinora before he meets her.

Mirror Universe

Ines cannot exist in the Mirror, as Jennifer does not end up with Francisco. The Mirror Jennifer instead ends up with the Calafan, Treve, and never has a child.


“Let’s get down to it. I can’t just hang around and complain. I feel like we need to get things settled. But nothing without Norri’s okay. I mean, right?”


Ines could use some more screen time, as she is a pleasant and easy to write character. Plus she more or less comes as a package deal with Neil, who is a fun character, too. She will be back.

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