Review – Gossip Gossip

Review – Gossip Gossip

Review – Gossip Gossip
Rona Moran, gossip reporter


I like the idea of a futuristic gossip columnist/reporter who pries a bit into our heroes’ lives, just like the real life ones do now. I was also looking to prepare a bit of a prequel story in Star Trek fan fiction, where some of the estrangement that Malcolm has from his parents is not explained, but it is certainly felt.


While the NX-01 Enterprise is in the Delphic Expanse (thereby pinning the time at being during the third season of the show’s run), gossip maven Rona Moran reports that a senior officer is dating an alien on board the ship. She provides no added information.

Watching at home are Malcolm’s elderly parents, Stuart and Mary. They jump to a conclusion, knowing that there is a Vulcan on the ship. They assume that it is Malcolm who is dating T’Pol, not realizing that it’s Tripp. There is also not thought whatsoever (like I have often seen with ‘shippers) that it could be the Denobulan, Phlox.

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The story is Rated K.


I liked the little misunderstanding and what it might say about not only Stuart and Mary as people, but also about what readers might be like. Further, as stated above, I felt it was a wry testament about their not having regular (or, really, any) communications with Malcolm. He remains closed-off, even from them, a fact that really bites him during the E2 timeline in particular.

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