Progress Report – October 2014

Progress Report – October 2014

October 2014 was full of work!

Posted Works

Barking up the Muse Tree | Janet Gershen-Siegel | jespah | Quill | October 2014I started the month finishing The Canadian Caper, the Postmodern Jukebox adventure which is highly likely to be the first popfic ever written about the band. On Wattpad, I finished Before Days by adding First Born. I also finished The Social Media Guide, and began to post Reversal. I submitted eight works to the #Wattys2014 (The 2014 Watty Awards):

On, I continued spinning out The Three of Us. And on Ad Astra, I added a response to a prompt about discoveries. Because it was the first of the month, I called it Linfep Linfep Linfep. I also responded to a prompt about embarrassment by posting a MelissaLeonora story, Red. In addition, I posted Theorizing.

Finally, on the G & T Show forums, I finished spinning out Recessive and added Across the Universe.


So with over 75 stories with at least 10 reviews and 1000 reads, I am beginning to see some real benefit from this kind of popularity. Hence at this point, the In Between Days collection is the third-most read story on Ad Astra. So it benefits from the Top Ten listing. Also, In Between Days is also the fourth-largest series on that site, and is the series with the most reviews. In addition, I am the third-most prolific author and may very well hit second place before the end of the calendar year. Finally, on Wattpad, I have more than 500 followers and am looking to get 1,000 as I believe I will get a lot more reads there once I do. That is because it seems to be an identifiable milestone that is respected there.

See the Stats page for individual read and review counts.

WIP Corner

I continued working on The Polymer Beat, the second book in the wholly original Obolonk series.

Prep Work

I entered the title of The Polymer Beat into the NaNoWriMo site. So I have entered as a so-called rebel, as I don’t have the time to start something new this year.

I created a Facebook Author page to promote my work.

This Month’s Productivity Killers

In preparation for beginning to take two courses at a time at Quinnipiac (to start in January of 2015 and go for all three semesters of that year), I continued working hard to get ahead on work such as keeping the Twitter stream filled, etc. I also worked on social media for the G & T Show.

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