Spotlight – Dark Matter/Energy Drive

Spotlight on Dark Matter/Energy Drive

The dark matter and energy drive works to advance canon.


Spotlight – Dark Matter/Energy Drive

In order to hop between the two main universes, I needed a semi-mysterious means of getting around. Without having to be dependent upon a worm hole, or cranking the engines up to crazy numbers like Warp 50, I needed something else.

Thought Experiment

In order to fix this problem, and to add some drama and, admittedly, some technobabble to the HG Wells series, I hit upon the idea of a dark matter or dark energy drive. I have called it both, although I realize the terms, in truth, are not interchangeable.Spotlight – Dark Matter/Energy Drive Because dark matter and dark energy are a large percentage of our universe (our current understanding), fuel would be abundant. A time traveler would be able to gather it pretty much whenever and wherever he or she needed, so long as the collector was working properly.

I also gave it a bit of a fun spin, the sort of thing that engineer Kevin O’Connor in particular would love. I decided that the encroachment of dark energy was a byproduct of the aging of the universe (the graphs at right would seem to support that hypothesis), but that using the drive would, in a slight way, reverse it. And that would put off the eventual destruction of the universe by a few seconds or so.

How it Works (Kind of)

The concept is, essentially, that the time traveler creates a mini-worm hole at will. The ship then flies through it and enters the other universe. In Multiverse II, Levi Cavendish mentions to Maren O’Connor that it’s possible to travel to other universes by simply adjusting the radiation band being aimed at. This would include #49, the home of the best pumpkin pie in any universe.


This bit of technology will be back. I guarantee it.

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