Progress Report – August 2014

Progress Report – August 2014

August 2014 was productive.

Posted Works

Barking up the Muse Tree | Janet Gershen-Siegel | jespah | Quill | August 2014

I began the month in Star Trek fan fiction by continuing to add to, and then finishing, Entanglements on And I then began to spin out The Three of Us there. Because these two stories were completed, Reflections Down a Corridor and Entanglements were imported into Fictionpad.

Also, I continued posting Flight of the Bluebird on the G and T Show Forums.

In addition, on Wattpad, I added Onions, Penicillin, Demotion, Letters from Home and Bribery to Before Days. To join a fanfiction drabble contest, I entered Worry.

I began the new round robin story on Ad Astra by posting Multiverse Mini. Like pretty much all of the round robins on the site, the storyline moves slowly and it might never be completed. I also contributed to The All-Stars. In response to a prompt about a worst nightmare, I wrote a story about Kevin Madden-Beckett, About Nine Months.


My numbers continued to climb.  There are currently 18 works with 50 or more reviews. Four of those have 100 or more reviews. There are  over 100 stories with at least 1,000 reads. See the Stats page for individual read and review counts.

WIP Corner

I continued contributing to the wholly original story, The Polymer Beat, which is the first sequel to The Obolonk Murders. I worked on Time Out, which is the third story in the Barnstorming series.

Prep Work

I spent some time requesting a photomanipulation for my Klingons of Long Island character, Lukara of Hewlett, from the STPMA. That is all just a bit of silliness for the G and T Show.

This Month’s Productivity Killers

I began working as the Social Media Director of the G and T Show. My final project for Quinnipiac University was due during the first week of the month. I then began another class on the 25th, Theories of Communication.

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