Spotlight – Amity

Spotlight – Amity

Amity serves as not only a place but also an ironic commentary.


In the Enterprise E2 episode, there is little on how the crew survived in the Delphic Expanse for over a century. This is particularly with limited or no contact with other species.

Spotlight – Amity

I decided that there would be two planets. Hence this would be to grow the most diverse set of foodstuffs possible. Paradise would be the warmer of the two. I always intended Amity to be the more temperate planet taken over during Reflections Down a Corridor/The Three of Us time period.

Carmen Calavicci, in the deep future, confirms that in the prime timeline the planet will actually be known as Archer’s Planet.


Amity has four continents:

• Aquilasicca – northern drier continent. In Latin the name, literally, means north, dry)
• Meridia – southern wetter continent (literally, southern)
• Imperia – eastern wetter continent (literally, empire)
• Tritica – western drier continent (literally, wheat)


Backbones do not seem to have ever evolved on Amity. Instead, the two predominant species are mollusks.

Malostrea are little clam-like creatures, and are the more intelligent species, exhibiting hunting behaviors within a pack-like structure. The name is Latin for bad oysterProcul, their prey, are large squid-like beasts. The name is Latin for faraway.


During Entanglements, Amity is the site of Josh Rosen and Karin Bernstein‘s wedding. Here, Xindi sloth are invited guests.  After the committing of crimes during The Three of Us, the second part of the punishment for the worst offenders, Daniel Chang and Tristan Curtis, is a brief banishment there. However, it is anything but brief when they escape. Finally, in Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, Chef Slocum meets his end due to an incident on Amity.


So often, we see alien planets as being all too conveniently perfect for every purpose. They’re clean, and the climate is wonderful. Plus there are no major predators. However, Amity isn’t like that. For all returns to this world, I’ll call it by its more or less canon name, Archer’s World.

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