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Portrait of a Character – Kathryn Janeway

Portrait of a Character – Kathryn Janeway

Kathryn Janeway Origins

Kathryn Janeway
Kathryn Janeway

Kathryn Janeway. The character is, of course, canon. As a strong female character, fans are sometimes not sure of what to think about her, it seems.


As in canon, Kathryn is played by actress Kate Mulgrew. The actress has particularly hit her stride after the series ended.


Tough, smart, and driven. Kathryn is between a rock and a hard place much of the time.


Tom Paris

It is hardly anything, and the canon episode is something of a joke, but I like the idea of Threshold. In particular, I love the inevitable aftermath that had to have occurred. You can’t make whoopie with the captain without there being at least a few consequences.

Mirror Universe

Kathryn Janeway
Mirror Kathryn (Kate Mulgrew in Orange is the New Black)

There are no known impediments to Kathryn existing in the Mirror Universe.

Of course the women are tough. Being older, she would be a survivor. I love the idea of chefs and cooks trying to deal with what I feel have to be the inevitable scarcities that go along with living under a dictatorship.

A smart, fierce woman could make a decent living and maybe even stand out if she could be creative, frugal, and able to fix the replicators.


“Actually, this drink is called a Siberian. It’s four parts milk, two parts coffee liqueur, one part vodka and one part real vanilla extract. The mug is rimmed with vanilla extract and bitter cocoa powder.”


I have seen very little of Voyager, and maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about (it would not be the first time).  I’m sure there is a lot more I could do with this character. If I had the time, I would do some binge watching!

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Review – Dear Captain

Review – Dear Captain


In response to a prompt about letters from home, I decided to go full throttle in the direction of mail that, most decidedly, is unwelcome.

Review – Dear Captain

Namely, spam.

The idea was to create a small comedy piece that would, as I often do, zig rather than zag.


There is not too much of a plot; this is mainly a collection of obvious spammy messages sent to our intrepid future heroes. Because no one is mentioned by name, the messages could have been sent at any time, to anyone. Hence the story doesn’t really fit into any time period or series, and could cover any or all of them. I am not even certain as to which captain it is referring. It could be any or all of them, I suppose.

When I have absolutely needed to categorize it (a necessity at some fan fiction posting sites), I tend to come down on the side of it being a part of the In Between Days universe, which takes place during Star Trek: Enterprise. This makes some sense, as those people are the closest to use chronologically. They can maybe still be using email, and I write them as doing just that. Hence it all fits together rather nicely.

Story Postings


The story is Rated K.


As a bit of comedy, I think the piece works. It’s not meant to be anything more than a bit of fluff, and fluff it is.

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